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Speaker's Bureau

The Speaker’s Bureau is a collection of OCA members who are well-versed and able to speak on a variety of subjects. Members in this independent group can be contacted to speak upon request. Click the button below to access the Speaker's Bureau database for topics and contact information.

OCA Speaker's Bureau

Are you an OCA member who wants to join the Speaker’s Bureau? Contact Amy Barcelo at to connect with the Speaker’s Bureau.

 Speaker Name

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 Stacey Litam 

  • Human Trafficking
  • Human Sex Trafficking

Holly St.Pierre MS ED LPCC-SUPV

  • Sex trafficking awareness
  • Trauma Treatment with survivors or volunteers/responders of sex trafficking
  • Brainspotting
  • Sandtray
  • Parts work
  • School based therapy
  •  School based clinical counseling 
  • Using creative arts in the therapy session
  • Supervision
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Self Care, Stress Reduction
  • Polyvegal 
  • Ins and Outs of ADHD
  • Is it ADHD or is it anxiety/ depression
 Chase Morgan-Swaney

  •  LGBTQ+ Issues in Counseling, Supervision, and/or Counselor Education
  • Counseling with LGBTQ+ Clients

  • LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy/Supervision

 Kailey Bradley-Thomas

  • Grief
  • End of Life Care
  • Terminal illness

 Tijana Coso, BA, MA,

 and EFT Certified

  • Stressed? Learn Meridian Tapping – Intro Course (Level 1)
  • Upgrade Your Practice with EFT/Tapping (Level 2)
  • Trauma Relief with Meridian Tapping
  • EFT (Meridian Tapping) for the Recovery Process
  • How to use EFT (Meridian Tapping) in the Schools
  • Leadership Retreat: Get Authentic with EFT
  • Leadership Retreat: Create your Vision Board and Knock Down Your Abundance Blocks with EFT
  • Using EFT for Self-Esteem
  •  EFT for Anxiety
  • Stress Management / Self Care: Learn Tapping
  • Using EFT for Self-Esteem - Stress Less ~ Learn about Tapping a Brain- Body Technique: Introduction
  • (Session One) ~ live or virtual
  • Implicit Bias – Conscious Decision-Making Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) ~ live or virtual
  • Reduce Anxiety, Increase Student Wellness, Increase Performance Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) ~ live or virtual
  • Tapping for Supervision Challenges: Emotional Freedom Technique - Introduction Course 1 ~ live or virtual
  • Reducing Anxiety with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Support Social Emotional Learning ~ live or virtual
  • Trauma Relief with Emotional Freedom Technique:  A Trauma Informed Approach ~ live or virtual
  • Use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Support Self-Regulation ~ live or virtual
  • Reduce Burnout, Build Resiliency with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) ~ live or virtual
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for the Addiction Recovery Process ~ live or virtual
  • How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in the Schools ~ live or virtual
  • Goal Setting Anxiety - Use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) ~ live or virtual
  • Leadership Retreat: Get Authentic with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) ~ live or virtual
  • Leadership Retreat: Create your Vision Board and Knock Down Your Blocks to Abundance with EFT ~ live or virtual
  • Stress Management / Self Care: Learn EFT ~ live or virtual
  • Upgrade Your Practice with EFT (Level 2) ~ live or virtual
 Mary Miller


 Elisa Gambill, M.Ed., LPC

  • Mental Health Counseling in Ag Communities
  • Infusing Pop Culture Characters into Counseling Sessions
  • Using Medias in the Counseling Room
  • Child and Adolescent Counseling in School Based Settings

 Kelly Bako Younkins, MSEd., LPCC


  • Energy Management in the Helping Field
  • Counselor/Supervisee Wellness in Clinical Supervision
  • Family Reunification
  • Personal & Professional Development; Applying Strategies in and outside of work
  • The Mental Health Check Up
  • School Based Clinical Counseling Strategies, Care Coordination, & Collaboration

     Todd Crandell


    • Suicide
    • Chemical Dependency
    • Self-Esteem
    • Trauma
    • Holistic Living
    • Benefits of Exercise to Overcome Addiction & Depression
    • Families Who are Suffering Because of Loved Ones Substance Abuse
    • Troubled Teenagers
    • Alternatives to Traditional Support Group Meetings

     Cheryl Eresman


    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Sex Therapy
    • Panic Disorder
    • Chronic Pain

     Anita Jackson


    • Multicultural Competencies and Issues
    • Youth Risk Issues
    • AIDS Prevention
    • Stress Issues
    • Professional Issues in School Counseling

     Adrianne Johnson


    • Best practices in counselor education
    • Professional/organizational leadership in counseling
    • Diversity issues in counseling

     Jamie Marich


    • Using Recovery Literature in the Clinical Setting: A Crash Course for Addiction Professionals
    • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) in the Clinical Treatment Setting: Implications for All Helping Professionals
    • Chemical Dependency and Addiction
    • Is There Really Such a Thing as Sex Addiction
    • Trauma 101
    • Self-Care for the Professional
    • Music and the Recovery Process
    • Assessing Older Adults for Substance Use Disorders: Special Considerations for Clinicians

     Tom Meiring


    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Disassociative Disorders
    • Sexual Orientation Issues
    • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
    • Depression
    • Anxiety Disorders
    • Spirituality

     Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich


    • Counseling Transgender Individuals
    • Gender Transition Counseling for Transsexual Women and Men
    • Career Development of Transgender Individuals
    • Counseling Gender Non Conforming Children
    • Play Therapy and Filial Therapy
    • Career Development and Counseling

     Jean Underfer-Babalis


    • Eating Disorders
    • HIV and AIDS
    • Substance Abuse
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Depression

     Sharon "Eileen" Watters


    • Military Families/Kids
    • Parenting Issues
    • Parent/School Communication

     Rachael E. DuBose, M.S.Ed., LPCC-S, CCTP


    Available for virtual and travel options

    • Trauma-Informed Care
    • A Trauma-Informed Approach to Racial Trauma/Race-Based Traumatic Stress
    • Trauma-Informed Diagnostic Assessment
    • Women's Empowerment and Wellness
    • Authenticity in Entrepreneurship
    • Youth and Mental Health
    • Self-Care and Self-Esteem
    • Grief/Loss
     Angela Banks


    Available for virtual and travel options

    • cultural diversity
    • racism
    • racial trauma
    • social justice
    • advocacy in counseling

    Questions and comments can be directed to Amy Barcelo, Executive Director at: PO Box 470001 | Broadview Heights, OH 44147 | 216.438.1994

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